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News and Notes from EES

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Now in our 18th year, Environmental and Engineering Solutions, Inc. (EES) continues to serve our manufacturing, healthcare and higher education clients. This year our focus has been on a few key industries, including foundries, HVAC equipment manufacturing, metals reprocessing, container manufacturing, agricultural products, and specialty gases. We have continued and strengthened our consulting relationships within the healthcare industry. We are currently helping to keep nearly 20 hospitals in compliance with environmental regulations.

Tom Petersen (that’s me) has attended dispersion modeling training and has conducted several dispersion modeling projects during 2014. Using BREEZE AERMOD®, I work with our clients and the regulators to estimate the maximum ground-level concentrations of pollutants, including oxides of nitrogen, formaldehyde, other criteria pollutants, and air toxics. Depending on the situation, we typically obtain five years of meteorological data, use terrain data, and include Google Earth imaging in our dispersion modeling reporting. The building dimensions and orientation with respect to the exhaust stacks can have a significant impact on the results and must be evaluated carefully.

Our projects vary from a few hours of consulting assistance to annual contracts that are typically renewed from year-to-year. For example, we have multi-year contracts with a number of healthcare clients. These clients benefit from our depth of knowledge related to pharmaceutical waste management, air quality and spill planning for the healthcare industry. Our weekly and monthly check-ins with these clients ensure that they maintain a continual focus on environmental compliance.

As evidenced in part by these weekly blog posts, we keep our pulse on the latest regulations and issues being faced by our clients in the environmental, health and safety arenas. We maintain memberships in healthcare and manufacturing trade associations, and are frequent presenters at association meetings. We also publish articles, the most recent one was an article in Air Pollution Control on air permitting.

What are your environmental challenges? Do you have time during your workday to meet all of your compliance needs or do you feel overwhelmed with the slew of regulations coming at you all the time? Our clients are pleased with the work that we do and with how EES is able to shoulder some of the compliance burden for them. Give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your needs on the phone or even pay you a visit at no charge so that we can better understand what challenges you are facing. You can reach me at 215-881-9401 or by email at I’d love to hear from you!



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