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Meet Sanctuary Farm managed by Daniel Fried-Petersen: An Urban Farm in North Philadelphia

Updated: Jun 5

My son Daniel is the Farm Manager at Sanctuary Farm which is an urban farm in north Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offering fresh, organically grown produce and programs aimed at improving the health of the community and its residents. 

In May the farm was invited to exhibit at the Neil Young and Crazy Horse concert stop in Camden, New Jersey…. and to enjoy Neil’s music!

Photo by Per Ole Hagen CC BY-SA 1.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Neil Young is a long-time advocate for sustainable farming and environmentalism.

I spoke with my son, Daniel Fried-Petersen, about Sanctuary Farm.  

“We’re an urban farm”, according to Fried-Petersen, “and a non-profit organization that looks through the lens of people’s health to combat health discrepancies in a low-income area.”

Daniel pointed out that Sanctuary Farm helps to combat food deserts and makes wise use of vacant land to grow nourishing produce.  An added plus is the reduction of stormwater runoff from their properties.

In addition to helping feed the neighborhood, Sanctuary Farm offers a therapeutic gardening program, cooking demonstrations, gardening classes, and information about medicinal and culinary herbs.

Prior to being the Farm Manager at Sanctuary, Daniel worked with EES as a sustainability consultant and has recently completed a three-year Barnes Horticulture Certificate Program and is using his skills to grow produce for the neighborhood around Sanctuary Farm.  

I’m a very proud Dad!!

To donate your time, money or items to Sanctuary Farm, click here.


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