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Air Quality Services

EES handles all aspects of the Air Permitting process including permit applications, annual compliance requirements, renewals, modifications and notices of violation.

Air Permitting Services

  • Annual Permit Deviation

  • Annual Emissions

  • Fuel Certification

  • Monthly Emissions Reports

  • Regulator Meetings

  • Onsite Walkthrough

  • Compliance Questions

Construction Permits

Plan Approvals (PA)

Operating Permits

Notices of Violation

Permit Renewals


Permit Modifications

Compliance Protection

EES specializes in air quality testing and air permitting.  Air quality testing services address OSHA Health & Safety and EPA Clean Air Act Standards.  Air permitting services help businesses effectively comply with EPA Clean Air Act as well as state and local regulations. 

Air Quality Services

Air Quality Testing

EES provides air quality testing services for worker personal exposure assessments for chemicals with OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs); combustible dust evaluations; indoor air quality assessments (e.g., mold, odors, carbon monoxide, etc.); and healthy building assessments for LEED certification.

Health & Safety OSHA & ASHRAE Standards

Clean Air Act, EPA, DEP & local regulation

EES provides air quality testing services for EPA Clean Air Act standards including stack test protocol development, stack testing, and permit modifications based on stack test results.

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EES has been providing environmental health & safety consulting and engineering services for more than 25 years, serving healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace and higher education organizations across the United States and Canada. 

President and Engineer Tom Petersen, P.E. has more than 36 years of environmental engineering,  health & safety and process safety experience.

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