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Client: Large Northeast Philadelphia Hospital


EES Service: ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment); indoor air quality and construction oversight consulting for multi-phase renovation of several separate hospital areas; weekly progress reports to provide immediate feedback in cases where there may be significant risk of infection


Phase I: Pre-Construction Surveys

  • Pre-construction indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment to identify pre-existing biological or fungal contamination and to establish baseline risk criteria prior to  renovation or construction activities for each designated area

  • Collection of representative bulk and wipe samples as well as bioaerosol and particulate samples from walls, ceiling, HVAC, and other areas throughout construction zone to be included in IAQ assessment


Phase II: Weekly Construction Monitoring

Weekly worksite monitoring to including inspection of contractor practices and integrity of enclosures and contaminant devices. Worksite IAQ sampling including wipe samples for contamination determination and bioaerosol and particulate samples to assess integrity of construction zone containment

Phase III:  Post-Construction Surveys

Clearance survey including collection of wipe, bioaerosol, and particulate samples to assess clean-up by construction contractor

Result: EES provided weekly progress reports and immediate feedback in cases where there was significant risk of infection.


  • Continuous site monitoring to maintain optimal indoor air quality (IAQ) during structural repairs or upgrades

  • Assessment of environmental risks for airborne disease and opportunities for prevention

  • Recommendations to construction contractor for work practices and procedures that protect workers and hospital environment

  • Clearance survey to assess clean-up by construction contractor upon project completion

What can you expect?

If you make the decisions that impact the environment of your facility, EES can help you. Our scientists and engineers assist clients like you control potential hazards from construction or renovation that can cause infections in immune-suppressed patients. We provide the expert environmental planning and monitoring you need.

How can EES help?



EES has been providing environmental health & safety consulting and engineering services for more than 25 years, serving healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace and higher education organizations across the United States and Canada. 

President and Engineer Tom Petersen, P.E. has more than 36 years of environmental engineering,  health & safety and process safety experience.

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