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Important Dates for Air Permits in Pennsylvania

NOTE: These important dates apply to facilities that operate generators, boilers, fire pumps and other common combustion sources. EES also provides Air Permitting assistance to all 50 states and services to manufacturers that require additional activities.

Semi-Annual Fuel Certification

This is a letter sent to the EPA (and to AMS for Philadelphia facilities) demonstrating that the specifications of the fuel oil used in boilers or other steam combustion sources that fall under the Subpart Dc regulation meets the definition of distillate oil. This is due every 6 months.

Annual Monitoring Report

This is a report that details any malfunctions or issues with combustion sources that result in a violation of the emission limits. It also tracks sources that have been inactive for more than 1 year.

Annual Emission Statement (AES or AIMS)

This is a report submitted electronically to PADEP that shows the total amount of each pollutant released during the previous calendar year. It must show the totals for each individual combustion source as well as for the whole facility. This report is not required for natural minor facilities.

Small Source NOx Report

This is a report that shows the emissions from generators over 1000 brake horsepower during the ozone season (May through September), when ozone concentrations are higher due to the warm weather. If the emissions are 1 ton or more over the allowable limit, the facility will be required to to purchase NOx credits to maintain compliance. This report is only required in the Southeast region.

Operating Permit Maintenance Fee

Regulatory agencies require an annual fee to maintain air operating permits. As of 2024, the fees are $2,000 for Natural Minor, $4,000 for Synthetic Minor and $8,000 for Title V. Title V permit holders must also pay an emission fee.

If you have any questions about filing reports or permit compliance in Pennsylvania, please contact EES at or call 215-704-1506.



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