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PADEP Annual Emission Statement Statuses and What They Mean

Updated: May 10

Any facility with a Title V or synthetic minor air permit is required to submit an Annual Emission Statement (AES) by March 1st. This is an inventory of all the pollutants released by each source during the previous calendar year. The Pennsylvania DEP provides the AES*Online application on its Greenport website. The reporting system uses the following statuses to track your statement.

Open - The statement has not been touched yet.

In Progress - Work has begun on the statement.

Complete - The statement is ready to be submitted.

Submitted - The statement was successfully delivered to DEP.

Accepted - The review process is complete and you are finished.

Revision - A problem has been found with your statement and must be corrected.

Once the statement is submitted it will be reviewed by an official at DEP or, for Philadelphia facilities, Air Management Services (AMS).

There are several possible reasons for receiving a “Revision” notice, such as updated requirements. DEP or AMS may add new pollutants to the list of those that must be reported. If you submit a statement that does not account for this change, you will be asked to resubmit with the new pollutant added.

If your statement is returned to you, there will be a note at the end describing the problem. Here is an example:

For information on emission statement deadlines in different states see this article.

If you have any questions about filing air permit documents in Pennsylvania, please contact EES at or call 215-704-1506.


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