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5 Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Air Permit Violations

Updated: May 10

With the multitude of requirements associated with having an air permit, it’s easy for a few things to slip through the cracks. Here are some small items to keep an eye on, so they don’t cause you bigger problems down the road.

Failing to keep your permit contacts up to date.

DEP and AMS use the contact information they have on file to send out important notices, such as fee reminders. If there is a change of personnel or email address associated with your permit, be sure to inform the regulatory agency or you will not receive important communications.

Poor record keeping.

When regulatory agencies inspect your facility they will want to see an assortment of records to make sure you are abiding by the permit. Some facilities are not very diligent in keeping track of how their boilers and generators are used and this often gets them into trouble with regulators. Make sure you keep detailed records of everything stipulated in your permit, including the hours and fuel usage for each combustion source.

Forgetting to renew your permit.

Operating permits are good for five years. There is a window of 6 months to 18 months before your permit expires that you must submit a renewal application. The approval process takes a long time and if you wait too long, your permit will expire before your renewal is approved.

Late reports.

Reports must be submitted by a certain date or you leave yourself open to penalties. See our compliance calendar for a list of due dates.

Running your generators during prohibited hours during ozone season.

Ozone season in Pennsylvania lasts from May through September. During that time, generators must only be used after 5pm and on days with an AQI of no higher than 100 (green or yellow). AQI forecasts can be found here

If you have any questions about air permit requirements in Pennsylvania, please contact EES at or call 215-704-1506.


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