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EES Hospital Air Permit Program

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The EES Hospital Air Permit Program focuses on Clean Air Act compliance. We complete a number of tasks to ensure your facility is achieving, and even surpassing, the Federal, State and Local air standards.

Here is an overview of our program:

  • Review current construction and operation permits to determine needs.

  • Complete annual air emission inventory reports to ensure operating permit compliance via calculation of pollutants.

  • Complete emissions tracking for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to ensure synthetic minor status via utility bill analysis or reported boiler hours of operation.

  • Review odor, visible emissions and fugitive emissions tracking requirements for the hospital.

  • Document fuel oil sulfur concentration to ensure it is within operating permit limits.

  • Assure refrigerant (CFC) regulation compliance through review of hospital and service technician protocols to protect the ozone layer.

  • Track emergency generator fuel consumption and operation hours according to permit specifications.

  • Address all issues specific to your permitting needs and written permit conditions.

  • Review asbestos removal procedures to ensure compliance with federal rules.

  • Ensure compliance with National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants through Ethylene Oxide Sterilization management.

  • Determine applicability of small sources NOx rule for emergency generators.

The BIG question is:

Would your healthcare facility be prepared in the event of a State or Federal air quality inspection?

If you are unsure, contact Tom Petersen at Environmental and Engineering Solutions, Inc. for a complimentary review of your air permit status. Reach him at 215-881-9401 or



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