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  • Heather Cummings

Lone Star State Continues to Resist EPA

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Once again the state of Texas is making headlines for their opposition to EPA regulations. In October EES brought you a post about Texas’ resistance to the EPA’s new greenhouse gas permitting regulation. Since then, the Lone Star State has continued to voice its displeasure, and is currently working with other southern states as well as oil and mining companies to fight carbon-dioxide emission limits.

The carbon-dioxide emission limits took effect this month, and came following the Supreme Court’s decision in Massachusetts vs. EPA. The Supreme Court found that greenhouse gases are pollutants under the Clean Air Act, and thus laid the ground work for emission limits. While organizations expected some resistance by states, the consistent opposition by Texas to almost all climate-change rules came as a surprise.

Over the past year Texas has filed nearly a dozen legal challenges of EPA regulations. These challenges could set a dangerous precedence for states and agencies that oppose the agency’s agenda explained Joe Mendelson, global warming policy got the National Wild Life Federation.

“What these attacks have done is essentially kind of relitigate the issues in Massachusetts vs. EPA and [challenge] the authority that EPA has,” said Mendelson.

We want to know what you think. Should Texas continue their protest against climate-change regulations? Should the Supreme Court side with the states and oil/mining companies? Should the EPA take action? Share your thoughts below.

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