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EES Recent News - October 2008

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Our clients have benefited from our ability to find cost-effective solutions to complex environmental problems. As a boutique firm with decades of experience, we can provide unparalleled services coupled with exemplary client needs focus. Some recent examples of this include:

  1. Assisted a specialty chemical manufacturer during the entire life-cycle of a ventilation system to control cadmium dust. EES designed, installed and tested the ventilation and air pollution control systems. These systems lowered worker exposure to cadmium to well within acceptable limits. We provided ongoing system balancing and developed a maintenance program. Most recently, we decontaminated the systems prior to shipment and reinstallation at another location.

  2. EES has been the environmental consultant to a large equipment manufacturer for over eight years. We have solved problems large and small, including obtaining a permit from the local municipality to discharge industrial wastewater to the Publicly-Owned Treatment Works (POTW), so that the company could shut down its on-site wastewater treatment plant and save more than $50,000 per year in operating costs. EES has also guided them in their compliance with a 100-page Title V air permit. We helped renew and simplify this air permit so it better suits their operations.

  3. We have provided infection control risk assessment (ICRA) and indoor air quality (IAQ) services to a hospital that allowed their multi-year construction program to operate in a safe manner with minimal risk to the patients, staff and contractors. Our on-site construction inspection services combined with real-time particulate monitoring and mold testing provided the necessary levels of control and supporting data. EES’ services for this client were recently highlighted in a cover story in the journal Healthcare Building Ideas.

We would like the opportunity to be able to bring similar value and benefits to you and your firm.

To learn more about services we offer, details on clients, testimonials, our team, and affiliations, please see Thanks for reading our posts! We welcome your feedback. Tom Petersen

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