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Air Quality Consulting: What to Expect from EES

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Are you in need of an air permit for a new process or combustion source at your facility?

Does your existing Title V or synthetic minor air permit expire in the next two years?

Might you have missed some current or pending air pollution regulations that apply to your equipment?

Do you need a second set of eyes to ensure that your air emission sources are in full compliance with the Clean Air Act regulations?

These are just some of the questions that our clients ask themselves before calling EES for assistance. Our Air Quality Consulting services provide you peace of mind so that you almost welcome a knock on the door by EPA or a state inspector. (Or at least you wouldn’t go running for the hills!)

So…what can you expect when you hire EES to assist you with air quality compliance? One thing that distinguishes us from other consulting firms is that we do not “bait and switch,” meaning that the experienced professional who initially scoped the job with you is not then replaced with an entry-level person to do the work. With EES, you’ll know that I (Tom Petersen) will scope the job; manage the work; ensure that it is up to our high quality standards; and conduct much of the project myself. Our other engineers and scientists are involved on larger projects, however, I provide all project management and quality control on air quality jobs.

We take a wholistic approach to your air quality concerns. This approach involves extensive discussion and investigation at the start to reveal the entire picture of your facility’s air compliance status. If not a “formal” air quality compliance audit (which we can also do), this initial stage will cover enough historic and current information at your shop so that we will all agree on the scope of work moving forward.

During my 30 years of consulting on air pollution issues, I have prepared hundreds of permit applications with a high success rate of obtaining permit language that is streamlined for the client’s operations. My engineering background and experience with air pollution control system design is a great benefit to my clients. I am not only able to understand and interpret the air quality regulations, but I can also implement the full solution if there is a need to add an air pollution control system (such as a dust collector, carbon filter, thermal oxidizer, or acid scrubber). See our Environmental Engineering services for more details on our control system design capabilities.

Give me a call today at 215-881-9401, and I’ll be glad to review your air quality concerns on the phone or at your shop.

Thanks again,

Tom Petersen, P.E.



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