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State Specific News - December 2007

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Get bored looking through all those news updates from your state? We’ve done it for you! Below are what we felt were the significant regulatory updates for the past month.

New Jersey:

Air Pollution Control Proposal: NJ DEP proposed amendments to the Prevention of Air Pollution from Consumer Products regulation, NEW regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Adhesives and Sealants and modifications to the t-butyl acetate emissions reporting. This proposal is meant to reduce VOC emissions to help the state attain the 8 hour ozone standard.

Air Pollution Control Proposal: NJ DEP proposes NEW regulations to reduce air emissions of perchloroethylene in the dry cleaning industry.

Solid Waste Utility Regulations Proposal: Proposal to readopt the solid waste utility regulations with some amendments.

Proposed modifications to Pesticide Control Code: Proposal readopts the regulation with some amendments to definitions and requirements in the regulation. In addition, the proposal proposes to modify/increase various fees.


Storage Tank Regulations published in Bulletin: The update to the storage tanks regulation has been finalized. For more information, see the EES article above on the proposed regulations or EQB’s meeting handouts for June 19, 2007. In addition, DEP has updated a number of fact sheets, forms, and books on the topic.


Regulations on Solid and Hazardous Waste Final Rule: DNREC issued a final rule update to this regulation. The changes add consistency and/or clarification to the existing Solid and Hazardous Waste regulations, as well as to improve or enhance the performance of Delaware’s solid waste management program.

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