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So, What Have We Done Lately?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

EES continues our diverse project work for our clients. This Spring we are pursuing proposal opportunities for:

  • A chemical company to assist with stormwater planning and spill plan updates

  • Air permit compliance for a healthcare system with multiple hospitals

  • Environmental management system compliance audit for a manufacturing facility

Our ongoing projects span the full spectrum of environmental, health and safety consulting for manufacturing and healthcare. They include:

  • Exposure monitoring for metal powders

  • Phase II environmental site assessment at healthcare facility including storage tank evaluations

  • Environmental permitting for new manufacturing facility, including air, stormwater, wastewater, spill planning and sewer planning

  • OSHA compliance program review and modification for a chemical facility

Let us be your efficient and economical choice for your next consulting project. See what our clients are saying about EES, here.

Contact Tom Petersen today 215-881-9401 to learn more.

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