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EPA's 2020-2023 National Compliance Initiatives

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Every three years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chooses areas to focus its enforcement and compliance resources on. Identifying “the most serious environmental violations” helps them to develop and implement national program priorities, called National Compliance Initiatives (NCIs).

The NCIs are in addition to the EPA’s core enforcement work, which focuses on protecting clean and safe water, reducing air pollution, and protecting safe and healthy land. The EPA is focusing on six NCIs for FY2020-2023, the list with links to more information is below.

These six NCIs advance the EPA’s objective to improve compliance with US environmental laws while ensuring shared accountability for authorized environmental programs between the EPA, states, and federally recognized Indian tribes.


Hazardous Chemicals


While not an NCI, the EPA also has a goal of reducing childhood lead exposures and associated health impacts as part of the Federal Action Plan to Reduce Childhood Lead Exposure.

Compliance for new construction and retrofitting is evolving rapidly. EES is dedicated to partnering with clients to navigate and excel during this time of increased focus on climate and healthy built environments.

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