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Environmental Solutions Network - Our New LinkedIn Group

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

We have just started a new Group on LinkedIn.

Environmental Solutions Network provides a forum for environmental managers and directors (and others interested in regulatory compliance and sustainability) to exchange ideas, share best practices and get answers to questions around regulatory compliance and sustainability in the manufacturing, healthcare and higher education sectors.  We encourage the free exchange of suggestions related to long-term environmental compliance and moving beyond compliance to fully earth-friendly, sustainable operations.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting in the business, the group will be a valuable resource and will provide an opportunity to network with your peers.

In one of our first discussions, a member has asked about the connections between environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance at industrial facilities and corporate social responsibility (CSR).  The discussion leads to an article and the article connects to the Sustainable Performance Forum.  Not bad as food for thought!  Management information systems, such as ISO 14001, can be a great starting point in bridging your standard EHS compliance with your goals for sustainability.  What do you think?

We want to encourage you to post discussions related to environmental compliance and sustainability.  Even simple questions about specifics at your facility can be conversation starters.  Are you content with simply meeting the minimum requirements of the state and federal environmental regulations or does your facility aim higher?  What stumbling blocks are there?  Does sustainability cost money or make money for manufacturing facilities?  Are healthcare facilities able to rein in their most energy and resource intensive activities without compromising patient care?  Let us know what topics most interest you.

Please consider joining this group and adding your voice to a discussion or two.  Thanks for reading - Tom Petersen

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