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Environmental Products of the Year

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Environmental Protection, a resource for a number of environmental issues, has announced the 2012 Environmental Protection New Products of the Year. A total of ten companies won first place awards in the ten available categories. The categories included air quality and climate, energy, environmental management, health and safety/cleanup, new technology – consumer, new technology – industrial, software/SaaS, soil and groundwater, water, and wastewater.

“We heartily congratulate of the companies that entered the contest and made it so competitive, particularly in the Health and Safety/Cleanup and New Technology-Industry categories,” said Jerry Laws, editorial director of “The judges’ scores in every category were extremely close, which testifies to the quality and innovation in each product that was entered this year.”

To qualify for the award, the products had to be introduced to the market between October 1, 2011 and October 1, 2012. Paul S. Farber, PE DEE, of Sargent & Lundy in Chicago and Angela Neville, JD of Carrollton, TX served as the judges for the competition.

The following presents a profile of some of the winning products from the Environmental Protection website.

Air Quality and Climate

Amended Silicates by Novinda Corp.

Amended Silicates is the first commercially available, non-carbon reagent for removing mercury (greater than 90%) from the flue gas stream of coal-fired power plants. Amended Silicates uses a natural mineral compound as its base component, which reduces emissions and energy during the manufacturing process. A significantly reduced carbon footprint is realized versus the manufacture of more traditional mercury capture products, such as powder activated carbon.


Sustainability Management Dashboard & Virtual Manager by ERA Environmental Management Solutions

This web-based sustainability dashboard gives environmental managers and executives a snapshot of their entire operation’s environmental footprint, including greenhouse gases, air and waste emissions, energy usage, VOCs and air pollutants, and other customizable Key Performance Indicators. The dashboard empowers managers to track and manage their sustainability projects and chart continuous improvement efforts.

Soil and Groundwater

StormTrooper AQ by ParkUSA

The StormTrooper AQ is a patented storm water wet vault specifically designed to intercept specifically designed to intercept free oils, grease, TSS, debris, and other pollutants found in storm water runoff. StormTrooper AQ features “Enhanced” Gravity Separation, which is technology utilizing coalescing media plates engineered to a performance analysis based on Stoke’s Law. This cutting-edge technology is now available for use to protect the Edwards Aquifer.

The full list of winning products can be found here.

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