Sustainability Consulting

Today, many manufacturing, healthcare, and higher education facilities like yours seek ways to make sustainability work for them and help the planet at the same time—a win-win situation. Using the latest available data and techniques, EES scientists and engineers provide comprehensive sustainability consulting services that help you create an environmentally responsible facility and plan for its future.

EES Sustainability Consulting Services:

  • Energy benchmarking – assisted Philadelphia clients in meeting the October 31st, 2013 deadline.
  • Sustainability audit
  • “Green Team” creation and education
  • Focus initiatives in ten key areas:
    • Environmental stewardship structure
    • Education and communication
    • Environmentally preferable purchasing
    • Waste management and reduction
    • Energy, waste and climate
    • Environmental services
    • Food services
    • Sustainable sites management
    • Transportation operations
    • Chemical Management

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Sample Project

Client:  North Philadelphia Hospital

EES Service:  Energy Benchmarking Compliance Services

  • Gathered all necessary information including building characteristics and gas, electric, water and oil usage for 2012
  • Entered all usage information for 2012 into the Portfolio Manager program created by the EPA and required for compliance with the City of Philadelphia Energy Benchmarking regulation
  • Submitted the final report to the City of Philadelphia as required by the regulation

Result: Brought facility into full compliance with the City of Philadelphia energy benchmarking regulations by the October 31, 2013 deadline.

Sample Project

Client: Central Philadelphia Hospital

EES Service:  Created a Pharmaceutical Waste Management Program

  • Performed a full audit of all potential pharmaceutical waste streams.
  • Determined the classification of each waste stream as medical waste, hazardous waste, or non-hazardous waste.
  • Created a written program to ensure proper separation and disposal of each pharmaceutical waste stream based on the determined classification.
  • Developed a method of communicating disposal methods to appropriate staff through training sessions on the methods to ensure proper separation and disposal of each pharmaceutical waste stream.

Result:  Brought facility into compliance with hazardous waste and pharmaceutical waste regulations

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