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EES is Hiring - Air Permitting Specialist - Contract - 1099 - PA, NJ, DE

EES Air Permitting Specialists work with Title V and Synthetic Minor air permit facilities to accurately track and report on the operations and emissions of stationary sources, such as boilers, generators and process equipment, to ensure regulatory compliance for EES clients.

Air Permitting Specialists prepare and submit construction and operating permit applications and supporting documentation, including applicable requirements reviews, criteria and HAP emission estimates, control technology assessments, dispersion modeling and facility diagrams.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Work with building operations and compliance personnel at facilities holding Title V and Synthetic Minor Air Permits in PA, NJ and other states.

  • Create or modify spreadsheets or other tools to collect and store information required for air permit data analysis.

  • Create or modify spreadsheet formulas to perform accurate Air Permit emissions calculations based on process data, fuel usage, equipment configuration and emissions factors.

  • Work with regulatory and compliance personnel to facilitate the accurate collection, calculation and submission of appropriate regulatory information in a timely manner.

  • Conduct air pollution technology reviews and dispersion modeling for construction permit applications.


  • B.S. or M.S. degree in science or engineering.

  • Project management and environmental consulting experience.

  • Experience working directly on compliance activities for the Clean Air Act.

  • Experience performing air emission calculations for air permit compliance including permit levels, use of emissions factors and other relevant compliance submission experience.

  • Experience using online portals such as Greenport, NJDEPonline, Radius and other state or regional specific platforms or portals.

  • Dispersion modeling experience is a plus.

Additional Skills

  • Organized - Meet project budgets and deadlines

  • Clear communication - With clients, regulators, network partners and team members

  • Detail Oriented - Accurate and complete air permit documentation

  • Critical Thinking - Reconcile regulatory, technical and financial aspects of projects

Employment Terms

  • All posted positions are 1099 / Contract positions.

Essential Job Functions

  • Valid driver's license and personal transportation

  • Willingness and ability to travel to and from client locations in the PA, NJ, NY areas

  • Moderate math skills to calculate regulatory metrics

  • Moderate spreadsheet capabilities to create formulae for regulatory calculations

  • Basic writing skills to summarize equipment & compliance activities

  • Ability to move comfortably in commercial and manufacturing environments including hospitals, manufacturing environments and similar areas.

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