Industrial Hygiene Services

Are your employees potentially exposed to high levels of airborne chemicals or noise? Our EES industrial hygienists will conduct exposure monitoring and then help you achieve a healthier environment for your employees.

Industrial Hygiene Services

  • Personal Exposure Monitoring
  • Noise Dosimetry
  • Noise Surveys
  • Site inspections
  • Development of work practice controls to keep exposures below limits

Sample Projects

Client: Radiation protection manufacturer

EES Service: Monitoring; testing; facility engineering; program development

  • Conducted eight-hour personal exposure monitoring for antimony and lead using  Modified NIOSH 7300/OSHA 125G testing and analysis procedure
  • Conducted testing of total and respirable dust for operators of specific equipment
  • Refined facility engineering and work practice controls to minimize employee exposure to lead and antimony
  • Developed and documented housekeeping program to reduce airborne dust and metals levels.
  • Developed written compliance program to satisfy OSHA 1910.1025 standard

Result: Enhancement of industrial hygiene environment of facility for employee health; satisfaction of compliance requirements


Client: Metals recovery facility

EES Service: Noise testing and personal exposure monitoring for several employees

  • Conducted noise dosimetry for several employees and noise survey of process equipment
  • Implemented personal exposure monitoring program that included metals testing for several employees

Result: Improved hearing protection and reduced chemical exposure for employees