EPA Announces New Grant Funding to Reduce Diesel Engine Emissions

Andrew Rohrman Air Quality, Environmental Management, Environmental Regulations Leave a Comment

The EPA recently announced that $11 million in new grant funding will be made available through the Diesel Emissions Reduction Program (DERA) to local, regional, state, and tribal transportation agencies for retrofitting or replacing diesel-powered vehicles. The deadline for project submissions is June 20 and the EPA anticipates that anywhere from 20 to 80 projects will be granted funding, with priority given to projects whose proposals indicate a clear commitment to continued emission reductions after the project is complete.


“DERA is a bipartisan program to help fleet companies improve regional air quality, proving that good environmental policy can go hand in hand with good business,” said Christopher Grundler, director of EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality.


For the full press release, click here, and for more information on eligibility and how you can apply, click here.

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