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  • Allison Stalker

Upcoming Healthcare Seminar in Philadelphia

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute is hosting a half day seminar in Philadelphia on September 14, 2011. The IFMA Healthcare Council and the Healthcare Facility Managers Association of Delaware Valley are also hosting the event. The seminar will focus on how to make economics, efficiency, energy, and the environment work together in the healthcare field. Numerous healthcare experts will be on hand to offer their knowledge of the industry.

Some of the scheduled topics include:

  • Looking out the C-Suite’s picture window at healthcare reform. The most significant economic forces and financial metrics now in play. What may be built, what might not, and why

  • How 10 Forces are Changing Health Care Design

  • Measuring sustainability programs – Lessons learned from across the U.S. What surveys are telling us about cultural changes, pushback issues, and economic factors

  • How the best performing hospitals are generating energy savings, setting their priorities, and measuring results

  • Selecting appropriate metrics to frame your case when engaging in first cost vs. life cycle cost debates

  • No problem approaches when told there’s no capital budget

  • How hospitals are balancing durability, sustainability, and cost issues and finding the best tradeoffs

  • How the pros are finding hidden efficiencies and value within medical campuses

  • Where the most significant advances in building materials and technology are occurring and where it’s saving the most money

John Kemper, the CEO of KLMK Group as well as Lyle E. Sheldon, President/CEO of Upper Chesapeake Health System, are set as the featured speakers for the event. A panel of experts will also be on hand including Al Neuner, Associate VP/Facilities Operations for Geisinger Health System, and Andrea Hyde, International Healthcare Design & Planning Consultant, among others.

Additionally, the Quarterly Roundtable Discussion held by the Green Healthcare Circle will be held immediately following the seminar. The discussion will focus on LEED for Healthcare, the new rating system.

The event is sponsored by, Georgia-Pacific, Philips, Schneider Electric, and Tremco. The event will be held at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia and begins at 7:45 AM. Information on cost, schedule, and educational credits can be found here. Seminars will also be held in various locations including Washington DC, Houston, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Cleveland.



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