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  • Heather Cummings

Tyson Foods Receives OSHA Safety Violations

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Tyson Foods of Jefferson, Wisconsin received 10 safety violations from OSHA. While one was a minor violation, nine of the ten were categorized as serious citations. Tyson was cited following the October 2010 inspection of the plant, during which OSHA inspectors noted a wide variety of violations, which could result in penalties of up to $45,000.

The October 2010 inspection of Tyson found a lack of fall protection, the second most-cited violation of 2010; deficiencies in Tyson’s process safety management program, respiratory protection program and control of hazardous energy lockout/tagout program; a lack of proper maintenance of powered industrial trucks; and failure to conduct a personal protective equipment hazard assessment.

EES was unable to locate any comments from Tyson regarding these citations; however, in a press release on the company’s website from a 2009 accident and ensuing OSHA citation the company said this:

“Safety continues to be of utmost importance to us at Tyson Foods. For years, Tyson Foods has partnered with OSHA to promote worker safety, in both poultry and red meat plants…Tyson Foods has a comprehensive safety and health program which not only complies with OSHA regulations, but in many cases goes above and beyond OSHA’s requirements where the company determines there is a need to protect the health and safety of its team members.”

It appears as if their “comprehensive safety and health program” could use some attention. We would love to hear your thought on this and other OSHA violations. What do you think?

To learn more about these violations read OSHA’s press release.



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