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  • Andrew Rohrman

The Future of Sustainability Incentives?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Over the past 15 years, federal and state governments have increasingly allocated more and more funds to developing sustainability incentives programs for energy efficiency, LEED construction, and renewable energy. Together with utility-companies backed programs, there now exists a robust cache of sustainability-incentive programs available to consumers and businesses. According to this database, there are currently 81 different state, federal, and private-sector programs available for companies seeking to “go green” in PA.

While sustainability-focused development is still the future, it’s likely that federal involvement in incentive-based programs will be reeled back within the new administration. In light of this, do you think local and state policymakers should increase their funding for similar programs? What local and state programs are available to you and what areas of sustainability would you like to see more/less funding for?

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