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State Specific News - October 2007

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Get bored looking through all those news updates from your state? We’ve done it for you! Below are what we felt were the significant regulatory updates for the past month.

New Jersey:

Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act rules: On September 4, 2007, NJ DEP issued a proposal to re-adopt the amendments to this rule. There are several new changes related to this proposal.

Revised Interim PM-2.5 (Fine Particulate) Permitting and Modeling Procedures: This guidance document is related to nonattainment New Source Review. NJ has not yet adopted PM-2.5 provisions and plans to use this document until that time.


Safe Drinking Water: PA DEP is proposing modifications to the safe drinking water regulations. These modifications are related to public notice requirements, operation/maintenance & emergency response plans, provides clarification through examples of when reporting is required within an hour and a few other modifications.

Storage Tank Amendments: These were approved by the Independent Regulatory Review commission. They have not yet been published in the Bulletin. For more information, see EES’s post on the proposed regulations or EQB’s meeting handouts for June 19, 2007.


Proposed modifications to solid waste regulations: Proposal includes 5 amendments to provide clarification to and further refine regulations related to permit transfers, environmental assessments, sanitary and industrial landfills, Environmental Covenants and infectious waste.

Proposed modifications to hazardous waste regulations: Proposal to better align Delaware regulations with federal regulations as well as various changes to provide more clarity to the regulation.

Proposed modifications to Underground Storage Tank regulations: Proposal removes references to out-dated technology, brings regulations into alignment with the federal Energy Policy Act, and adds requirements with respect to new fuels (E10 & E85).

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