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  • Heather Cummings

One Local Company Makes Sustainability a Priority

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

In our society the bottom line is paramount for most business owners; however, one New Jersey company found a way to make the environment a priority, along with revenue.

6ABC’s Action News recently shared the story of Santa Sweets, which is one of the largest tomato growers in the nation. The company announced the completion of a 10-acre solar panel farm in Cedarville, Cumberland County. The field is one of two locations which produce energy for the company.

“We’re producing all the power for this entire 200,000 square foot facility here, including refrigeration,” said J.M. Procacci, the COO of Santa Sweets.

According to Procacci, the nearly $10 million project, funded through private investment, grant funding and federal tax credits, is estimated to save Santa Sweets between $150,000 and $180,000 every year in energy costs. This is a great example of how companies across industries can increase their sustainability and allow green energy to guide their activities.

“We create the healthiest foods for our community. It’s time we create a healthy environment for our children in the future,” said Procacci.

To learn more about sustainability practices, contact Tom Petersen at 215-881-9401 or

Do you have any sustainability success stories to share? Comments are always welcome on our blog, EES Essential Elements.



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