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  • Paul Rivers

Hospital Sustainability, Part 5

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Energy Conservation

Green Medical Center replaced over 3,000 incandescent lamps with LED lamps, reducing electrical usage substantially. Occupancy sensors were installed in conference rooms. Exit signs were replaced with LED lamps. 4-foot fluorescent tubes were changed from T12 to T8, saving additional energy.

The hospital was awarded a $3 Million matching grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for a natural gas powered electrical cogeneration plant. This cogeneration system is currently under construction and will drastically reduce expenses and reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint.

New buildings are designed with energy efficient windows to reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain. “Free cooling” mechanical systems use outside air for cooling when desirable. “Green rounding” (Green Team visits to various hospital departments) and a poster campaign encourage employees to turn off lights, printers, and computers.

Other Key Conservation Initiatives at “Green Medical Center” Include:

1. Improved boiler controls save over 100,000 gallons of water per year. Low flow toilets and sensor-operated faucets were added to public bathrooms to further reduce water consumption.

2. Online forms have replaced many paper forms. Printer settings are set to default to double-sided.

3. The number of linen changes has been cut in half to save labor, electricity, water and detergent.

4. Printer ink cartridges, batteries and even office furniture are now recycled or reused.

5. 70 to 80 percent of all construction debris is recycled during the construction demolition process.

6. 100% of confidential paper is destroyed and recycled.

7. Unwanted computers, printers and equipment with sensitive information are purged of data and then recycled.

8. Food composting saves waste and kitchen oils are converted to bio-diesel fuels.

What conservation initiatives are you working on? Let us know by commenting below, or contacting Tom Petersen or Paul Rivers at 215-881-9401, or by email at

Part 6 of this Hospital Sustainability series will be posted on Friday this week.



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