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  • Allison Stalker

EPA Stops Sale of a DuPont Herbicide

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

E.I. DuPont Nemours, commonly referred to as DuPont, received an order today from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to immediately stop the sale, use and distribution of one their herbicides. The low-toxicity herbicide is called Imprelis and is used to control broadleaf weeds, woody species, vines and grasses.

Imprelis has been reported to be harming a large number of trees, including Norway spruce and white pine. The EPA is investigating why evergreens and other trees are harmed by Imprelis. The investigation includes determining whether the harm is caused by product misuse, inadequate warnings and use directions on the product’s label, persistence in soil and plant material, uptake of the product through the root systems and absorbed into the plant tissue, environmental factors, potential runoff issues or other possible causes.

The order was issued under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). This federal law requires the registration of pesticide products and pesticide-production facilities, and the proper labeling of pesticides. The order includes specific conditions on the removal of Imprelis from the market to ensure that it meets legal requirements.

DuPont issued a letter to professional applicators on June 17, 2011 that cautioned against the use of Imprelis in the proximity of Norway spruce or white pine trees. Following this letter, DuPont acknowledged to the EPA on July 27, 2011 that Imprelis use has caused damage to trees. DuPont created a webpage to provide updated information on the use of Imprelis, found here.

Before this order was issued by the EPA, DuPont voluntarily suspended the sales of Imprelis and also announced a product return and refund program. To view more information on the order from the EPA, click here. To learn more about the investigation on Imprelis, click here.



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