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  • Daniel Petersen

EES Receives Valuable Certification

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The International Society of Sustainable Professionals (ISSP) is the world’s leading association for sustainability professionals. Almost a year ago to date, the organization launched its two certification programs – the ISSP Sustainability Associate, and the ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional. Now, over 500 individuals have started working towards obtaining a certification, representing companies like CISCO Systems, General Electric, IBM, SolarCity, and hundreds of other organizations. Formed in 2007, ISSP boasts over 1,000 members from every region of the world. Environmental and Engineering Solutions is proud to have aligned itself with ISSP, and recently added the ISSP Sustainability Associate Certification to its list of staff qualifications.

According to Maureen Hart, the Executive Director of ISSP, initial feedback confirms that practitioners and employers alike are happy and playing an active role in the initiative’s future offerings. ISSP Article

Beth Knight, former head of corporate sustainability at Ernst & Young, said, “I’m thrilled to be part of ISSP’s first cohort and contribute to the development of sustainability professional credentials. It’s a critical step to moving the field forward, particularly in establishing a universal standard of practice across geographies and sectors and adding a much-needed credential for skilled sustainability professionals.” ISSP Article

Using the knowledge gained in this certification process, EES has gained an in-depth understanding of standard practice in the field of sustainability. After our clients receive the results of their Currentstate Sustainability Audit, EES can now recommend actions that are in line with the most current standards and protocols in the field. Whether you are concerned about carbon reporting for the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), are a manufacturing company and would like to get Cradle to Cradle Certified, or are looking for a more large scale greening of your company based on the ISO 14000 Environmental Management standard, EES is prepared to work with you.

Before ISSP’s certification programs were developed, it was tough to assess who was knowledgeable and qualified on sustainability topics. As opposed to established programs in higher education like the MBA or JD, there was no common recognition for a sustainability professional, or even universally accepted Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes (KSAs). In 2014, the ISSP surveyed over 800 stakeholders and found that 70% were in favor of creating a certification program – and today, it is the most comprehensive program available.

I took this exam to gain a general understanding of a new field that I knew EES had already been acting in. Whether that be pharmaceutical waste management for hospitals, Clean Air Act compliance for manufacturing facilities, or industrial ventilation design, I knew that EES has been a company aligned with the environment for a long time. Now, I feel prepared to help our clients prepare themselves for the future. Due to global warming, the world is changing, and people are now looking past environmental compliance, into creating a sustainable world for future generations. I believe that EES can be a major player in helping create this reality, and the ISSP-SA certification has only furthered my belief.



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