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EES Participates in CleanMed Conference on Healthcare Sustainability

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

  1. Building a sustainable Supply Chain that focuses on green products and their inherent benefits to facility employees and patients as well as the local environment.

  2. Improving the resiliency of hospital energy infrastructure in the face of climate change and the increased potential for damaging storms and catastrophic flooding. Self-generation, demand reduction, and the incorporation of microgrid systems can be developed to reduce operating risk.

  3. HVAC retro-commissioning, which is a fancy way of saying that facility heating and cooling equipment should be periodically re-tested to make sure it is operating efficiently and properly. Retro-commissioning delivers both increased energy efficiency and lower operating costs, as well as increased comfort levels for building employees and patients.

  4. Net zero energy design of new health care facilities. Speakers presented case studies of innovative projects that are drastically reducing demand, increasing energy efficiency, and striving to be carbon neutral (i.e., no net CO2 emissions). San Diego was an excellent choice for hosting this year's CleanMed.  They have a Climate Action Plan that calls for the City to cut half of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2035.  It is also a very bike and scooter friendly city, as I found out strolling around the Gaslamp Quarter and other neighborhoods around town.  I even ran into two sustainable pugs at a local watering hole!! Interested in learning more about CleanMed or having us conduct a Sustainability Audit for your facility? Contact us today!

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