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Registering your Safety Committee with the State

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Is your Safety Committee (or your clients’ Safety Committee) registered with your state’s labor department?

Both the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry and the New Jersey Department of Labor have recognition programs for Safety Committees that meet their requirements. Both states have Governor’s Award Programs that recognize effective Safety Committees for their efforts to protect their employees. In addition, the State of Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has sweetened the pot by offering a 5% discount for up to 5 years to all employers who meet the criteria. Want to know how your Safety Committee can be recognized? Read on for further details…

Through Acts 44 and 57, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has created a financial incentive for employer-employee workplace safety committees. While 5% may seem to be a modest savings, the actual pay-off comes when employers see their injury rates drop and employee morale rise due to increased employee involvement in making their workplace safer. For more information.

As a further incentive, employers may also participate in the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Excellence in Safety, which recognizes employers that go the extra mile. To learn more about becoming the envy of your business community.

Not to be outclassed, New Jersey also recognizes employers demonstrating their safety excellence through the Governor’s Award for Occupational Safety and Health Awards Program. Follow this link to learn more.

EES can help you take advantage of these great programs.

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