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Spill Prevention

Clients: Industrial facilities, hospitals, and universities

EES Service: Developed spill prevention plans:

  • Developed SPCC plans: devised spill scenarios, updated site maps to include relevant tanks and storm drains

  • Conducted surveys of existing equipment to document current systems and identify issues

  • Recommended methods of integrating requirements into facility’s existing systems

  • Provided recommendations for improving compliance; ensured PE certification of  plans


Result: Prevented spills; achieved compliance


  • Discharge prevention measures

  • Inspections, tests, and records requirements

  • Personnel training and spill prevention procedures

  • Security measures

  • Emergency response procedures

  • Countermeasures

  • Emergency spill control networks

  • Storm water management practices

  • Sediment and erosion protection

What can you expect?

If you are responsible for the environmental management of an industrial, institutional, or commercial facility, you need seasoned scientists and engineers to help you prevent spills.

EES assists clients like you in preparing federal Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans as well as alternative spill prevention regimens such as Preparedness, Prevention & Contingency (PPC) plans.

How can EES help?



EES has been providing environmental health & safety consulting and engineering services for more than 25 years, serving healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace and higher education organizations across the United States and Canada. 

President and Engineer Tom Petersen, P.E. has more than 36 years of environmental engineering,  health & safety and process safety experience.

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