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Spill Plans,
Prevention & Countermeasures


Penn Medicine, Jefferson Health, Temple University Health System

EES has been providing comprehensive SPCC services to all major healthcare systems in the Greater Philadelphia area for more than a decade include Penn, Jefferson & Temple University Health Systems.

Healthcare Systems


Organic Chemicals

EES provides comprehensive SPCC, PCC for a leading manufacturer of organic chemicals. 

Gas Technology Services

EES provides a suite of services to leading international gas technology provider. Services include dispersion modeling & SPCC planning services.


SPCC - Spill Plan Control Countermeasures

PPC - Preparenedness, Planning & Contingency

Oil Spill Plans, SPCC, PPC


Discharge prevention measures

Inspections, tests, and records requirements

Personnel training and spill prevention procedures

Emergency response procedures

Storm water management practices

Emergency spill control networks

Facilities that store fuel or chemicals are often required to develop comprehensive spill prevention &countermeasures.

Depending upon the materials, volumes and other conditions, organizations may need scientific and engineering assistance for the creation, application & implementation of comprehensive Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure services. 

Spill Plans

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EES has been providing environmental health & safety consulting and engineering services for more than 25 years, serving healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace and higher education organizations across the United States and Canada. 

President and Engineer Tom Petersen, P.E. has more than 36 years of environmental engineering,  health & safety and process safety experience.

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