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Open Positions

EES works with a nationwide network of Engineers and Environmental, Health, Safety & Compliance Specialists including:

  • Ventilation Engineers

  • Certified Industrial Hygienists

  • Certified Hydrogeologists

  • Certified Safety Professionals

  • Certified Energy Efficiency Specialists

  • Sustainability Consultants

  • Data Collection Specialists

  • Air Permitting Compliance Specialists

  • Water Quality Compliance Specialists

  • Solid Waste Compliance Specialists

  • Hazardous Waste Compliance Specialists

EES founder and engineer Tom Petersen, P.E. has more than 37 years of engineering and environmental experience and has been leading the EES team for more than 25 years.

Over 25 years of operation EES is proud to have worked with so many Engineering and Environmental professionals. 

EES serves North American clients with a nationwide network of Engineers and Environmental, Healthy, Safety & Compliance Specialists. 

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EES has been providing environmental health & safety consulting and engineering services for more than 25 years, serving healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aerospace and higher education organizations across the United States and Canada. 

President and Engineer Tom Petersen, P.E. has more than 36 years of environmental engineering,  health & safety and process safety experience.

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