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Join The Climate Registry Today

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Environmental and Engineering Solutions has been following the climate change issue for many years now. It has become a significant issue world-wide and is slowly becoming part of the United States regulatory framework. EPA has been directed by Congress to prepare regulations that will require large emitters of greenhouse gases (definition under discussion) to report emissions. The schedule for this regulation is a draft in the fall of 2008 and a final rule by early summer 2009.

If you are concerned about this regulation, you want to document your reductions through a certified entity or you want to understand the greenhouse gas emissions from your facility, joining The Climate Registry might be something your organization would like to consider.

What is it?

The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization focused on developing sound greenhouse gas emission measurement protocols. Its board is made up of 39 states (including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey), numerous Native American tribes and neighboring Canadian provinces and Mexican states. The organization would like to have a consistent approach to reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

What would I need to do as a reporter?

The Climate Registry just issued its reporting protocol at the end of March. You can sign up to be a founding member by May 1st and begin reporting. They have an online reporting tool called the “Climate Registry Information System”. Most of the emissions are estimated from fuel and electricity use data. The registry has protocols available on-line, or EES is available to help. Reported emissions must then verified be certified by a third party.

What does it cost?

Fees vary from $600 for organizations with revenues under $20 million to $10,000 for organizations with revenues over $2 billion. In addition, there is a cost to have third party verification of your data.

How we can help:

EES is available to help your organization in a variety of ways. We can provide your facility with additional information on this topic, we can prepare your greenhouse gas emissions report and we can identify ways to reduce greenhouse gases through conservation and alternative technologies. Call Tom Petersen at 215-881-9401 to hear more.

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