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EES Conducts Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Audits

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Is your facility in compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations?

Are you aware of the differences between the state and federal environmental laws and regulations as they apply to your operations?

Are your health and safety training programs kept current and well documented? Have pending regulations, such as Boiler MACT, been evaluated for applicability to your company?

Are you required to have a hazardous materials or oil spill plan?

Have you reviewed your compliance with all NPDES and Title V permit conditions?

Depending on your answers to these questions, an environmental, health and safety compliance audit might be a wise choice.

To smooth the path to full environmental, health and safety compliance, many state and federal agencies have policies that encourage auditing by minimizing the penalties for compliance problems discovered during an audit. The U.S. EPA has an Audit Policy designed to “enhance the protection of human health and the environment by encouraging regulated entities to voluntarily discover, promptly disclose and expeditiously correct violations of Federal environmental requirements.” OSHA has a program for “Voluntary Employer Safety and Health Self-Audits” that minimizes citations for conditions uncovered during an audit, and treats the audit report as evidence of a good faith effort to correct problems.

Environmental and Engineering Solutions, Inc. (EES) conducts comprehensive environmental, health and safety audits that allow our clients to see a clear path to compliance. Our team of auditors includes seasoned compliance specialists, each with over twenty years of auditing and compliance management experience. Our team includes consultants with the following credentials:

  • Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA)

  • Principal author of widely referenced auditing text

  • ISO 14001 and Responsible Care® 14001 auditor certifications

  • Recognized expert on OSHA Process Safety Management regulations

  • Recognized lecturer and trainer for industrial companies

  • Professional Engineers (PE) in mechanical, chemical & environmental engineering

  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)

Some of our recently completed environmental, health and/or safety audits include:

  • OSHA and Process Safety Management audit for a plastics manufacturer

  • Environmental compliance audit for a roofing materials manufacturer

  • Environmental compliance audit for a university

  • Environmental compliance audit for an air-conditioning equipment manufacturer

Contact our Tom Petersen of EES at (215) 704-1506 or for further information about our EH&S auditing services. In most cases, Mr. Petersen will visit your site to do a preliminary evaluation of your environmental, health and safety compliance needs before developing a quotation for you.



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