Energy Efficiency Projects Save AT&T Millions

EES has posted a number of blogs regarding sustainability initiatives, and how quickly they can improve a company’s bottom line.  Last year AT&T implemented 4,200 energy efficiency projects at its facilities.  These projects ranged from lighting changes to network upgrades, and resulted in an annualized energy savings of $44 million.

In 2010, AT&T participated in the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps program, an initiative launched by EDF to help leading companies shave operational costs and reduce emissions by identifying large-scale energy efficiency opportunities.  According to the EDF, AT&T is a prime example of how energy efficiency projects can provide benefits to both the company and the environment.

AT&T is on the right path by aggressively exploring ways to reduce energy consumption,” said Victoria Mills of EDF. “Through our Climate Corps program, we were able to help AT&T identify a potential savings of 80% in electricity usage associated with lighting use across more than 100 million square feet of space. This underscores that a compelling business case for energy efficiency can be made at any company.”

To read the full AT&T release click here.

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