Ventilation Engineering

If you have concerns about your industrial ventilation system, or would like to ensure it is meeting current requirements, trust the seasoned EES engineers and staff for a comprehensive design and installation of air pollution control equipment. We troubleshoot, prepare engineering plans and specifications, and manage construction and start-up for you.

EES Industrial Ventilation Design Services

  • Inspection and assessment of facility requirements (hood, ductwork, dust collection, and exhaust fan upgrades)
  • Measurements of air flow from existing systems
  • Selection of ventilation systems for specific facility layout and process equipment
  • Application process for obtaining air permits, as well as any other environmental permits necessary
  • Design and specifications for ventilation and air pollution control systems, including detailed engineering plans and performance-based specifications
  • Installation implementation through vendor selection, construction, and start-up management

Sample Projects

Client: Emergency Medical Services Facility

EES Service: IAQ Assessment and Ventilation Upgrades

  • Reviewed design and installation of ambulance exhaust fume ventilation system.
  • Measured exhaust flow rates in ventilation system and concentrations of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and combustibles during several operating scenarios.
  • Prepared detailed report of results of investigation including recommendations for system improvements.
  • Prepared plans and specifications for ventilation upgrades.
  • Selected contractor and managed construction.
  • Tested, adjusted, and balanced exhaust ventilation systems.

Result: Full-service capabilities took this project from start to an upgraded, fully effective ventilation system finish.


Client: Plastic Products Manufacturer

EES Service: Engineered design and installation of complete industrial ventilation system in powder blending room.

  • Completed thorough inspection and assessment of facility to determine best equipment.
  • Carried out design of new ventilation system layout.
  • Selected equipment including dust collectors, make-up air system, exhaust hoods, and ductwork.
  • Measured ventilation flow calculation and design.
  • Completed turnkey installation and startup of systems.
  • Assisted in relocation of ventilation systems and dust collector to new company facility in Texas after several years of successful operation.

Result: Exhaust ventilation system reduced employee exposure to harmful dust. Once initial system installation was complete, the company entrusted EES again with relocating to a new facility.

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