EPA’s GHG Reporting Program Delayed

The EPA recently announced the postponement of the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program deadline.  The 2010 date deadline was originally set for March 31, 2011 for facilities emitting at least 25,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases per year; however, due to technical glitches with the reporting program the EPA has pushed the deadline to September 30, 2011.

This delay comes with heat from both sides of the aisle.  The EPA is fighting battles on a number of fronts right now, and as they explained in a recent news release, the program requires facilities to register with the program no less than 60 days before the deadline.  Due to the technical problems this was not going to be possible.

“This extension will allow EPA to further test the system that facilities will use to submit data and give industry the opportunity to test the tool, provide feedback, and have sufficient time to become familiar with the tool prior to reporting,” said Cathy Milbourn in a news release.

There is also a debate over when these companies should be expected to comply with a full set of numbers.  The EPA is considering March of 2014; however, many environmental groups are appalled by this notion and adamantly voicing their opposition.

To learn more about the GHG Reporting Program and its delays click here.

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